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8th August 2018

Elwyn's Naming Day at Abbey Home Farm.
Elwyn's Naming Day at Abbey Home Farm
Snuffles Rescues Grandma 21st July 2018

Snuffles Rescues Grandma.
3rd March 2018

Belated birthday lunch and snow!
Belated birthday lunch and snow!
Daddy's birthday 28th February 2018

Daddy's birthday.
25th February 2018

Back on the floor.
Back on the floor
Good morning 21st February 2018

Good morning.
20th February 2018

Four months old.
Four months old
A morning doze 14th February 2018

A morning doze.
10th February 2018

More cuddles.
More cuddles
In the light room 4th February 2018

In the light room.
3rd February 2018

Cuddles with Arthur.
Cuddles with Arthur
Hiding behind my bashies 23rd January 2018

Hiding behind my bashies.
20th January 2018

Me, Mummy & Arthur.
Me, Mummy & Arthur
On my front 18th Jabuary 2018

On my front.
16th January 2018

With my big toys.
With my big toys
Me & my brother 7th January 2017

Me & my brother.
5th January 2018

Practising my selfie pout.
Practising my selfie pout
New Year's Eve smile 31st December 2017

New Year's Eve smile.
29th December 2017

In the big bath.
In the big bath
Some of my Christmas pressies 27th December 2017

Some of my Christmas pressies.
25th December 2017

My first Christmas.
My first Christmas
Back in the tudy 20th December 2017

Back in the tudy.
17th December 2017

My first dance show.
My first dance show
Evening smiles 15th December 2017

Evening smiles.
11th December 2017

With Daddy.
With Daddy
Snow! 10th December 2017

9th December 2017

Met Santa at Clearwell caves.
Met Santa at Clearwell caves
Rocking out to Santana 7th December 2017

Rocking out to Santana.
3rd December 2017

More smiles.
More smiles
Just lying around 2nd December 2017

Just lying around.
1st December 2017.

My turn in the tudy 22nd November 2017

My turn in the tudy.
21st November 2017

Lots of interaction.
Lots of interaction
I can smile 15th November 2017

I can smile.
23rd October 2017

Sleeping peacefully.
Sleeping peacefully
A month old now 20th October 2017

A month old now!
7th October 2017

First bath.
First bath
Meeting Auntie Lisa 4th October 2017

Meeting Auntie Lisa.
3rd October 2017

Organic Farm Shop to meet Pete & Jayne.
Organic Farm Shop to meet Pete & Jayne
Newborn photoshoot 28th September 2017

Newborn photoshoot.
24th September 2017

Meeting more family.
Meeting more family
Meeting some of the family 20th September 2017

Meeting some of the family.
20th September 2017

Meeting Arthur for the first time.
Meeting Arthur for the first time
Elwyn Inigo Fraser Anderson Elwyn Inigo Fraser Anderson

Born: 07:18am 20th September 2017 at Great Western Hospital, Swindon.

Weight: 6lbs 8ozs.
19th September 2017

Here we go!
Here we go!
Soon... 3rd September 2017

22nd June 2017

Third scan.
Third scan
Second scan  11th May 2017

Second scan.
17th March 2017

First scan.
First Scan 
Clear Blue  22nd January 2017

Game on.