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Links & Thanks
  The Venue: Abbey Home Farm a.k.a. The Organic Farm Shop  
  The Photographer: Jon Harper  
    Our pre-wed shoot  
    The pictures - contact Katy or Kirk for the password  
  WedPics: Our WedPics album  
  Gramophone DJs: Vintage 78 DJs  
  Dress: Foxtrot Vintage Clothing, Marlborough  
  Lots of ideas: The Natural Wedding Company  
    Sell My Wedding  
  Katy's Hair: Lauren at The Garden Salon  
Make-up: Make up lesson with Emily Tarrant.
  Katy's waterproof cape: The Rainaway Bride  
  Rings: Victoria Delaney at The Quarterworkshop  
  Barn Dance: Between the Acts  
  Dried flowers: The Artisan Dried Flower Co.  
  Confetti: Shropshire Petals  
  Finances: Tony & Val Inigo-Jones  
  Money for dresses: Eric & Betty Talbot  
  Musicians: Priscilla Doe & Clare McGowan  
  Vintage Tea Party: Wendy Williams  
  Stone Circle Ceremony: Geraint Williams  
  Transport: Peter Meredith  
  Camping equipment etc: Sara & Ben Burge  
  Dress redesign: Heather Davis  
  Bridesmaids: Sara Burge  
    Jenny Hall  
    Belinda Dupres  
    Clare Inigo-Jones  
    April Muldowney  
    Megan B  
  Page Boys: Dylan Hall  
    Theo Burge  
    Tom McRae  
  Ushers: Jack Mackay  
    Luke Mackay  
The Dress
Before During After
Before - at Foxtrot Vintage Clothing. During - bits chopped off! After - when Heather had finished with it.