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Schedule of events
Setting Up 16:00 onwards: Campers can arrive if they wish!   Katy and Kirk staying on site, setting up camp site, decorating, etc with any one who wishes to pitch in!
Morning: Finish setting up.   Bridal/Bridesmaid preparations at the cottage.   Groom preparations somewhere bride is not! Bridal Preparations
Magical Glade 12:00: Guests arrive, ready for 20 minute walk to the Magical Glade (if you want to bring a bike, please feel free!) There will be a tractor and trailer ride for those who do not want to walk. For those with mobility difficulties, alternative transport will be provided.
13:00 - Magical Glade: Formal legal ceremony, once this is over guests walk short distance to stone circle. Legal Ceremony
Stone Circle 13:45 - Stone circle: Blessing by Geraint/knot tying etc/thank you speech.
14:00: Opportunity for group/bride and groom photos at stone circle.   People walk short distance back to campsite for afternoon tea picnic (transport available for those with mobility difficulties). Group Photo
Camp Site 14:30 - Campsite: afternoon tea picnic style, garden games, arts and crafts, woodland walk, general chill. People can go back to own accommodation if they wish!

Music provided by Vintage 78 DJs - they've got thousands of 78s from the 20s to the late 50s so if you have any requests, please email Kirk or Katy.
17:30: All head towards the Green Room Head to Green Room
Food is served 18:00: Food is served!
18:30: Barn dance starts with music by Between the Acts. Barn Dance
Barn Dance ends 21:30: Barn dance ends - band packs up.
22:00: All leave hall. Campers back to campsite… Campfire
Tidying Up Morning: Join us relaxing on campsite, music, more games, woodland walks, campfire, BBQ, (maybe a little bit of tidying up!!),etc.
Afternoon: Depart campsite, leaving it immaculate! Delegation
The EndCake